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Noni Plum Ball (900 Pieces)

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  • Supports the immune system
  • Rich source of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps fight fatigue
  • GMP quality assured.

Enjoy the healthful benefits of noni and plum in one, easy-to-consume supplement, the Umeken’s Noni Plum Ball. Made with high-quality, organic noni and plum extract, concentrated to be 50x stronger.

Approx. 900 PIECES (6.4 OZ, 180G) / Approx. 3 Month Supply

  • Take 10 balls daily.
  • Consume after meal.
  • Formulated for all genders.

Key Ingredients

Noni: Noni is an exotic tropical fruit from the South Pacific. It contains more than 200 different nutrients: 18 amino acids, 7 minerals, 12 vitamins. It has an abundance of naturally-occurring polysaccharides, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids and unique fatty acid esters.

Japanese plum: This fruit contains high concentration of citric acid, 58% more than lemons.

Immune Health
Immune Health*

Health Benefits

Enjoy the healthful benefits of noni and plum in one, easy-to-consume supplement, the Umeken’s Noni Plum Ball.

  • Compounds found in Noni have been studied for their support of healthy immune system function.
  • As a rich source of citric acid, the Noni Plum Ball may help fight fatigue.
  • Noni contains more than 200 different nutrients: 18 amino acids, 7 minerals, 12 vitamins.
  • Noni has high polyphenol content (approx. 120x more than kiwi, 143x more than mango), a reducing agent that helps prevent oxidative stress.[2]
  • Noni has high iridoid content (200x more than kiwi) [3]

Helps metabolism

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I was not interested in health food or vitamins because I didn`t have any particular pain, but a steady phone call from the person in charge at the he... ad office gave me an opportunity to try them one by one and come across organic plum extract. A few months ago, I went to Korea, and after seeing an advertisement saying “Stop numbness in my hands” and realizing that numbness in my hands is a symptom that occurs to many people as they get older, I thought that I did a good job choosing plum extract, and I felt so relieved. After taking organic plum, my numbness in my hands and feet improved, and my husband`s stomach was always uncomfortable, but the symptom has improved a lot. Adolescent children were suffering from acne, and the acne has improved a lot and has become clearer.  Show more

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Bought on Umeken


Because I was always attentive and doing business, my digestion was not good and I always felt uncomfortable in my stomach. However, after eating orga... nic plum extract, I was able to eat well and my energy was restored. Also, my stiff and stiff shoulders and my heavy body that was so hard to get up in the morning became as light as feathers. I could feel the blood circulation was good. My daily life, which was always hard and tiring, has completely changed and it has become a pleasant day. Umeken Organic Plum Extract has become an indispensable staple in our house of five young grandchildren.  Show more

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Recently, I was recommended to take plum extract because it purifies the blood and is good for blood circulation. Since the onset of diabetes, my immu... nity has clearly declined and I have had frequent colds, but the number of colds has also gradually decreased. A few months ago, my daughter with a weak stomach was suffering from indigestion, so I ate the plums she had. After actually tasting the effect of the plums that go down after about 20-30 minutes, I have been taking Umeken Plum Extract as a digestive medicine at home all the time.  Show more

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 Me* /

Bought on Umeken


This is an easy to take product and had help with acid regurg. Would recommend this to anyone thinking of trying a more healthy way and nautrual way o... f healing.  Show more

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