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  • Helps the immune system.*
  • Supports cardiovascular health.*
  • Rich source of citric acid
  • GMP quality assured.

Plum Ball EX may help boost your immune system, support your cardiovascular health, and increase your energy.* It is compressed and boiled for days to achieve 50x more concentration, and molden into our patented ball form for your convenience.

Approx. 900 PIECES (6.4 OZ, 180G) / Approx. 3 Month Supply

  • Take 10 balls daily.
  • Consume after meal.
  • Formulated for all genders.
Immune Health
Immune Health*
50X more concentration
50X more concentration
Citric Acid
Citric Acid

Health Benefits

  • With high citric acid content, Plum Ball EX helps strengthen the immune system.
  • As a good nourishment tonic, it may help increase your energy.
  • The mumefural extract from plums helps support good blood circulation.

Good source of antioxidants

Helps metabolism

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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I started eating plum extract 10 years ago. I was not feeling well, so I stopped by a food supplement store, heard the explanation, and started eating... by accident. I felt that there were no side effects at all, even if anyone took it with confidence. My sensitive constitution was afraid of side effects, so I had to be thrown into the trash can with regret for taking any medicine, so I had to be more careful when choosing health food because it was a waste of money. It was reassuring and, above all, I experienced it myself, so I can confidently say to others that eating as much as you like will get better.  Show more

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My husband bought it 5 years ago and it works great. His blood circulation and phlegm symptoms were once very serious. He insisted on taking it for 2-... 3 years. As a result, the symptoms of numbness in his hands and feet disappeared, and the symptoms of phlegm in his throat disappeared. My husband`s body has always been weakened by me, so I always accommodate him, but this time my own body has a big problem, so my husband specially bought Umeken for me.
My stomach is very uncomfortable, and I went to the hospital for various tests, but the doctor said nothing abnormal was found. But I still felt unwell, so I went to the Chinese medicine hospital for treatment. It turned out that my stomach was very bad, and even damaged my intestines, which were about to twist, and there was very little peristalsis in the intestines. There is a lot of flatulence accumulated in the intestines, the bowel movement is not smooth, and the hunger is not felt. Do not dare to eat too much food, resulting in malnutrition, the body often feels tired. So, I decided to start taking Plum Concentrate Granules to regulate my stomach and improve gastrointestinal function.
I take it before bed, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel a little hungry and my stomach feels much better. Therefore, the intake of food has also increased, and bowel movements have become smoother. I used to have frequent flatulence in the intestines, distended abdomen, and felt very bored. Now I don’t have so much flatulence anymore, and the boredom is also reduced.
My personal experience and my husband`s experience are unequivocal. After all, this is not a product of exaggerated advertising hype, but a product developed through a long history. I firmly believe that as long as it is the product that I need, if I insist on taking it for 3-4 months, it will definitely achieve results. I would like to tell you not to doubt, find the product that best suits you, and start taking it.
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I was very heavy and tired, and my hair was falling out due to stress. Then, by chance, I came across a health journal and it was about organic plum e... xtract. I started taking the plum extract, which helps detox and blood circulation, as a health food that I needed. At first, I was skeptical, but after taking two bottles, my hair didn`t fall out, I felt much less tired, and I felt that my body had recovered a lot as my body became lighter. Actually, I have a stomach problem, so it was difficult to take medicine or other health food, but the plum extract does not have such side effects, so I am taking it very comfortably.  Show more

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As I was doing business, my body was always tired and my hands and feet were numb. Then, I saw an advertisement for Umeken plum extract. That`s how I... got to know Julie Choi, a Umeken consultant, and consulted. She recommended an organic plum extract and a woman`s dream made of pomegranate. I feel good blood circulation while eating plums. Especially when I feel uncomfortable, plum is my first aid. I also recommend it to my husband if he has an upset stomach due to overeating. Of course, people in the neighborhood would give me a few plums if they had indigestion, and those who tried it said they really liked it, so I buy it and eat it myself.  Show more

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