Plum Ball EX (900 Pieces)

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  • Helps the immune system.*
  • Supports cardiovascular health.*
  • Rich source of citric acid
  • GMP quality assured.

Plum Ball EX may help boost your immune system, support your cardiovascular health, and increase your energy.* It is compressed and boiled for days to achieve 50x more concentration, and molden into our patented ball form for your convenience.

Approx. 900 PIECES (6.4 OZ, 180G) / Approx. 3 Month Supply

  • Take 10 balls daily.
  • Consume after meal.
  • Formulated for all genders.
Immune Health
Immune Health*
50X more concentration
50X more concentration
Citric Acid
Citric Acid

Health Benefits

  • With high citric acid content, Plum Ball EX helps strengthen the immune system.
  • As a good nourishment tonic, it may help increase your energy.
  • The mumefural extract from plums helps support good blood circulation.

Good source of antioxidants

Helps metabolism

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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 qk***** /

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I often eat plum extract at Umeken. I think it`s good for the elderly. I`m taking it every day hehe.

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 ja***** /

Bought on Naver


I tried it for the first time. I bought it to improve my constitution. I haven`t tried the taste, but I will bear with it

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 po***** /

Bought on Naver


It seems to be digesting well.

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 po***** /

Bought on Naver


I think it`s better because it`s raw material that doesn`t contain sugar.

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