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沖繩紫薑黃(丸) / 6包


Okinawa Zedoary
UMEKEN 沖繩紫薑黃術推薦給如下人群:

① 食慾不振的人

② 腹痛和胃痙攣併發症的人

③ 消化不良的人

④ 有習慣性嘔吐症狀的人

⑤ 容易引發食物中毒的人
Okinawa Zedoary

* 中醫稱紫薑黃為蓬術, 自古用於藥材, 尤其對胃脹氣時和胃部障礙有功效. 對腹脹, 打嗝, 腹瀉, 胃部障礙, 胃痛, 口臭等胃部根本症狀有療效.


* Umeken沖繩紫薑黃溶解快, 吸收力強. 紫薑黃(Zedoary)生長在日本南端, 其中沖繩紫薑黃品質最好. Umeken沖繩紫薑黃是由Umeken直營農場種植栽培, 屬紫薑黃中的極品.

* 捲心菜屬世界三大長壽食品之一, 富含維生素和膳食纖維, 鉀等營養素. 其中抗潰瘍維生素U具有消除過食或精神壓力刺激時出現的胃壁炎症有功效, 具有預防和治療胃病功效, 對消化功能不良或有胃炎等胃病患者有療效.


1950年史丹福大學Garnett Cheney博士通過試驗發現維生素U對胃炎和胃潰瘍等胃部疾病中出現的粘膜損傷症具有卓越的療效.
氯化甲硫氨基酸強化胃壁粘膜, 促進恢復受損胃壁, 抑制潰瘍有功效.

*苦瓜因世界長壽村之一日本沖繩人喜愛的長壽食品而聞名. 苦瓜特有的苦味Momordecine起到保護胃黏膜, 促進食慾的健胃作用. 還含有清血, 穩定血壓成分, 味道越苦越好. 還有, 含有大量天然胰島素和苦瓜甙成分, 幫助糖分在肝中 

"The content of consumer reviews is the sole responsibility of the reviewing consumer. Umeken, U.S.A. does not write consumer reviews or compensate consumers who provide them, and those reviews do not necessarily represent the views of Umeken, U.S.A. No consumer reviews have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."
I don't know what I eat but I felt like hell, had diarrhea and vomiting non stop. No doubt I eat something very toxic to my body. It was ongoing for hours. I remembered I bought this medicine and took an envelope of the tiny pills. In no time the stomach pain disappeared, as well as the diarrhea and vomiting. But what is most remarkable, the pain in my knees disappeared!!!! I could walk!!!! I guess the turmeric worked wonders fighting inflammation. I was not expecting this extra effect, but I was so happy!!!! I have osteoarthritis, these pills not only worked for the food poisoning, they allowed me to walk. Now I take them for both reasons, and they don't have the side effects of the medications for pain my doctors give me. I wished they were more affordable and easier to open. They are extremely expensive and must but opened with scissors.
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含量 : 6g (6包) / 請按照每日2包的標準服用
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
沖繩紫薑黃(丸) / 6包

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