Arden Cho TV Commercial (KOR)

by Wonkyung Cho

Arden Cho Umeken Commercial

New Year Promotion!


Until 1/31 - Start the New Year Healthy!

Koso Ball $399 --> $359 + Receive two 7 Day Koso Ball ($70) FREE!
Buy one Shouka Koso (90 Packets), Receive one Shouka Koso
(30 Packets/$89) FREE!
Buy one Elastin Beauty, Receive one Snow Lotus Balancing Lotion ($82) FREE!
But one WaveQ, Receive 2 Mini WaveQ ($100) FREE!
Buy one 8 piece set of Verite 7,
Receive a FREE Wok, Kitchen Tool Set, Takumi. (BEST VALUE!!)

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