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(New) Elastin Beauty / 1 mth supply (60 packets)

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    • Unisex
    • Unisex
    • Once daily
    • Once daily
    • Powder
    • Powder
    Mix with water and drink or pour packet directly into mouth

    Contains 5 skin nutrients

    Elastin Beauty

    ElastinCollagenHyaluronic acidVitamin CMangosteen

    new elastin detail image

    Elastin Beauty

    Umeken Elastin Beauty is a unique beauty and health
    product packed with five anti-aging skincare ingredients

    elastin, hyaluronic acid, fish collagen, vitamin C, and mangosteen. These
    ingredients have proven to be effective against wrinkles and fine lines by
    boosting the elasticity and moisture levels in our skin. Ingested rather than
    applied topically, Elastin Beauty makes it easier to support your skin health
    and appearance by combining the benefits of premium skincare products
    into one powerful packet. A truly exceptional product, Elastin Beauty will
    help you to enjoy beautiful, smooth, healthy skin.

    Contains 5 skin nutrients


    Skin elasticity and flexibility


    Quickly absorbing
    fish collagen


    High moisture
    retaining capability

    Vitamin C

    Skin revitalization


    Antioxidants and

    new elastin detail image

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    Contents: 180g (60 packets) / One month supply
    Take 2 packets a day
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
       This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    (New) Elastin Beauty / 1 mth supply (60 packets)

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