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L&B White Clear Solution

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  • 12 unique brightening ingredients including 100% pure Vitamin C
  • Clean and clear skin with powerful brightening
  • 8-week program for an intensive skincare treatment

Please follow Steps 1~4 with each new bottle of White Clear Solution and Vitamin C packet. The four bottles should be used in 8 week period for best results. (4 bottles, 2-week usage each)

4 x 15ml (0.5 FL OZ) Solution Bottles
4 x 0.5g (0.02 OZ) Vitamin C Packets

Key Ingredients

Contains 12 unique brightening ingredients including 100% pure Vitamin C

100% Pure Vitamin C a strong antioxidant that helps inhibits melanin production

LPS stimulates skin turnover cycle to maximize skin regeneration

Bidens Pilosa soothes sensitive skin and provides relief for various skin conditions

Zedoary brightens skin with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Alpha Arbutin highest functioning raw material among brightening ingredients

Dried Plum Extract excellent for moisturizing and brightening

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Skin Immunity
Skin Immunity*

Skin Benefits

  • A brightening solution for clear and glowing skin.
  • 12 special active ingredients, including 100% pure Vitamin C, help correct darkened skin tones, spots, and blemishes.

Umeken’s unique brightening ingredients and 100% pure Vitamin C penetrate deep into the skin to fight excess melanin and shorten the skin turnover cycle. Experience a powerful brightening effect on spots and blemishes, as well as uneven or dull skin due to hyperpigmentation.

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