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Skin Health

L&B Balancing Clear Lotion

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  • Contains powerful ingredients that help soothe and increase hydration level of the skin while improving elasticity

UMEKEN understands the body well. That’s why UMEKEN L&B knows exactly what the skin needs. UMEKEN L&B contains unique ingredients that improve skin immunity which in turn helps with wrinkle care and skin elasticity. UMEKEN L&B enhances skin vitality by helping stimulate tired macrophages inside the skin. Experience the difference now!

120ml (4 FL OZ)

Key Ingredients

UMEKEN L&B Cosmetics is a combination of “L” in LPS and “B” in Bidens Pilosa to form a new premium cosmetic line that helps with skin immunity. Help strengthen the skin condition and beauty with Umeken L&B.

LPS(Lipopolysaccharide): Macrophage is vital for strengthening the immune system and LPS is a new, exciting ingredient to boost such macrophages.
Experience the power of skin immunity with LPS, extracted from fermented rice extract.

BIDENS PILOSA: Bidens pilosa is a special herb known for its anti-inflammation benefits.
It’s especially effective for sensitive skin or those with atopic dermatitis or skin allergies.

Beauty Cosmetics
Beauty & Cosmetics
Skin Immunity
Skin Immunity*
Skin Moisture
Skin Moisture

Skin Benefits

  • This formula gently tones your skin and helps it to absorb moisturizing treatment.
  • After washing your face with the cleansing bar, apply a small amount of toner on a cotton pad or on your palm.
  • Gently sweep the cotton pad (or your palm) over the face and neck.
  • Use the toner each morning and night and perience the refreshing difference in your rejuvenated skin.
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