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한국산 홍삼 캔디 (180g)

In stock

한국산 홍삼 캔디(180g)

30 개입

6년근 한국산 홍삼으로 만든 캔디.

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Insuk Michiue10/19/2015 10:40

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Korean Red Ginseng Candy is good for my throat so I carry them in my purse whenever I go to a piano concert or opera. Because I am sensitive to the smell and stuffed air in a closed area with many people, my throat becomes irritated and then I cough, not because of I have cold. This candy gives me instant energy too when I am hungry, maybe because of the sugar and some ginseng. I like Korean Red Ginseng Candy very much except sometimes, my tongue gets scrached and cut slightly (with small bleeding) due to the sharp hollow surface created while they were made in factory. I wish every candy is fully filled and so there is no hollow space on the candy to scatch my tongue.

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