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Good Morning Red Ginseng (RG) (30 Packets)

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/ 1 mth supply


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  • Boosts your immune system.*
  • Supports cardiovascular health.*
  • Helps digestion.*
  • GMP quality assured.

Red Ginseng Extract is a herbal remedy that’s recommended for people with low energy and immunity.

30 PACKETS (7.1 OZ, 300G) / Approx. 1 Month Supply

  • Take one pouch in the morning.
  • Can be consumed straight from the packet, or placed in hot water for a delicious red ginseng tea.

Key Ingredients

6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng Extract: Long used in herbal medicine, Red Ginseng is commonly used for various health benefits. As the gold standard, the red ginseng used by Umeken goes through a special steaming process that increases its active ingredients.

Galacto-oligosaccharide: This prebiotic may help aid digestion.

Fermented Purple Turmeric (Zedoary): This herb has been traditionally used in Eastern medicine to help stomach health, and indigestion.

Immune Health
Immune Health*
6-year-old Red Ginseng
6-year-old Red Ginseng
Fermented Purple Turmeric
Fermented Purple Turmeric

Health Benefits

Help boost your energy and immunity with Red Ginseng Extract.

Boosts immunity

Supports heart health

Helps digestion

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 A.**** /

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My mother had pass away of cancer and reishi is known to prevent cancer. I usually take these daily in the morning for prevention. I do feel a little... bit of energy boost after taking reishi. The best reishi also comes from Japan. I like taking reishi for my overall health and for prevention of cancer.  Show more

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 Ji***** /

Bought on Umeken


I`m sure everyone knows that reishi mushrooms are good! It was on sale at the end of this year and I bought two boxes!!
Happy New Year!! I hope... you don`t get sick this year.
I`m going to try hard!!
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