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L&B Damask Rose Hand Cream

In stock

Umeken L&B
Damask Rose Hand Cream

World’s First Hand Cream with LPS and Bidens Pilosa

Damask Rose oil’s
refreshingly light scent
with rich moisturizing effects

• Non-sticky cream with strong moisturizing effects
• Bidens Pilosa helps with itchiness and inflammation
• LPS helps to boost skin immunity which helps the
   skin turnover, cover the the appearance of wrinkles,
   and recover the skin damaged by UV.
• Contains the highest quality Damask rose oil –
   antioxidant effects and soothing aroma of rose helps
   to relax

Umeken L&B Damask Rose Hand Cream is a quick-absorbing hand cream for a slip-free feel and a soft,
powdery finish. Damask Rose oil captures the moisture in the hands while the
Umeken’s proprietary LPS and Bidens Pilosa ingredients leave the skin soft
and nourished with a smooth finish and lasting comfort.

* Queen of Roses – Damask Rose : Out of 20,000 types of roses, Damask rose contains the most beauty elements
and is known for helping balance the emotions and gives relaxing effects with its light aroma.

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Apply daily, especially after hand washing or as needed for additional hydration.
(Contents: 50g)
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
L&B Damask Rose Hand Cream

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