Umeken Club Bonus Dollar program
Membership Levels
There are four levels of membership (Silver, Gold, Diamond and VIP) and the levels are determined
based on the dollar amount of Umeken products purchased in a calendar year.
Membership levels can be upgraded at anytime to reflect recent product purchases.
No registration fee.
No transaction fees.
Earn Bonus Dollar on every purchase.
Earn a higher rate of Bonus Dollars with each higher membership level.
Receive special gifts such as registration anniversary gifts, as well as Bonus Dollars
How to register for Umeken Club How to request and register a new Bonus Dollar Card
New Customer - Non-registered customer
- You will automatically be registered for Umeken Club when you create an online account through the Umeken Homepage at and make your first purchase.
You are eligible for Bonus Dollar accrual after membership registration; accrued Bonus Dollars can be used like cash through the Umeken website, retail stores, mobile application, and call center
1. Visit Homepage
2. Continue shopping
3. Automatically register for
Umeken Club
Exisiting customer - If you did not receive a Bonus Dollar card or don't know the card number
- Visit to verify and/or request your Bonus Dollar Card. Registration will take approximately 1 business day.
- Your Bonus Dollar card will be mailed to the mailing address entered by the customer. It will take about 2 weeks to receive the bonus dollar card and may vary by region.
1. Visit Homepage
2. Verification and Card Request
3. Receive your card/card information by
mailing address and email address
Exisiting customer - Customer with Bonus Dollar Card
- You will automatically be enrolled for Umeken Club when you register for Bonus Dollar Membership through the Umeken homepage or Customer Care Center
1. Visit Homepage
2. Register Bonus Card
3. Bonus Dollar Card
Benefits of Each Umeken Club Membership Level
Silver Member Gold Member Diamond Member VIP Member
Calendar Year Purchase $1 ~ $500 $501 ~ $1,500 $1,501 ~ $3,000 $3,001 +
Bonus Dollar % 1% 3% 5% 7%
Exclusive Discount Coupon
Free Standard Shipping on orders over $100 (★)
Member Anniversary Gifts
Additional Bonus Dollar (Select promotion only) up to 5% up to 10%
Free Standard Shipping on any orders (★)
Exclusive Gifts
(★) Certain destinations limited
Rules for Membership Level Upgrades
1. When upgrading a membership level, Bonus Dollar earnings are calculated in accordance with the earnings rate for each level.
Example Total Bonus Dollar Earned
Silver member who had previously purchased $300, now makes a $1,000 purchase The first $200 of the new purchase is multiplied by the Silver member rate of 1%, which yields $2 Bonus Dollar. This is then added to the Gold member earnings rate of 3% on the remaining $800 (which comes to $24). Therefore, the total amount of Bonus Dollars earned is $26.
A new Member who makes one-time $2,500 purchase The first $500 is applied at the Silver member rate of 1%. The next $1,000 is applied at the Gold level of 3%, so total of $30 Bonus Dollars are earned. The remaining $1,000 is applied at the Diamond level of 5%, so $50 additional Bonus Dollars are earned. In total, $85 Bonus Dollars are earned ($5+$30+$50=$85)
2. When you are upgraded to a higher level, you can receive all the benefits of the higher level.
Ex) If a purchase results in an upgrade from Gold to Diamond, Bonus Dollars are earned at the diamond level.
3. It takes three days for level upgrades to be processed in our system.
Benefit Period for Membership Level
Members get the benefits of a membership upgrade starting on the day of the change and this level remains effective until December 31 of the following year.
Ex) A customer who is upgraded from Silver to Gold on May 3, 2013 can enjoy Gold benefits until December 31, 2014
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Bonus Dollar Program Regulations
1. Purchases can be made with Bonus Dollars by phone through the Call Center after the verifying your membership card number, name, telephone number, and address. Promotional gifts, as well as bonus level gifts will be applied based on the level of your membership.
2. Bonus Dollars can be used like cash when purchasing products, but they can only be applied to a maximum of 50% of any purchase amount.
3. Bonus Dollars can be used in $1 increments.
4. Bonus Dollars can be earned and used only at Umeken company stores and Umeken Call Center, Web Site, Application.
(Bonus Dollars cannot be used at Umeken Resellers or when buying through other online distributors)
5. Bonus Dollars are available for use 15 days after they’ve been earned.
6. There may be opportunities to earn additional Bonus Dollars, such as through various promotions and events for select members.
7. If products which were purchased with Bonus Dollars are returned, then the respective Bonus Dollars will be refunded.
8. Unused Bonus Dollars will automatically expire at the end of the next calendar year.
(Example - Bonus Dollars earned in 2013 will automatically expire on December 31, 2014.)
9. The limit of Bonus Dollar accrual is $500
Bonus Dollar Program Terms of Use
1. The Umeken Club card is designated to the registered user and is non-transferable to another party.
2. Umeken is not responsible for misused cards as the result of lost or stolen cards.
3. The account and Bonus Dollars of deceased persons cannot be transferred or redeemed, and will be automatically terminated.
4. Incorrect accrual of Bonus Dollars and/or dishonest accrual of points can be corrected or discredited by administrative personnel at any time.
5. Umeken reserves the right to receive monetary reimbursement or legal recourse regarding any dishonest accrual of Bonus Dollars.
6. Bonus Dollar accrual rates may differ, or may be exempt based on certain promotions or events.
7. There may be restrictions on the accrual of Bonus Dollars.
8. Benefits and terms of use may differ based on the region where the account holder is registered.
9. The account holder is responsible for notifying Umeken of profile changes and/or updates. Umeken is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur due to outdated profile information.
10. The most current Umeken Terms of Use and Conditions found on the website will take precedence over the above terms.
11. Umeken reserves the right to terminate, or alter the regulations of the Umeken Club Bonus Dollar program without notice
Find out more about a variety of other benefits (in addition to Bonus Dollars) that are available for members by visiting the nearest Umeken store, or through a Call Center representative.
Call to inquire : 888. 577. 3311 (Mon~Fri 8:30AM ~ 5:30PM PST)
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