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Plum Ball EX (900 Pieces)

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/ 3 mth supply


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  • Helps the immune system.*
  • Supports cardiovascular health.*
  • Rich source of citric acid
  • GMP quality assured.

Plum Ball EX may help boost your immune system, support your cardiovascular health, and increase your energy.* It is compressed and boiled for days to achieve 50x more concentration, and molden into our patented ball form for your convenience.

Approx. 900 PIECES (6.4 OZ, 180G) / Approx. 3 Month Supply

  • Take 10 balls daily.
  • Consume after meal.
  • Formulated for all genders.
Immune Health
Immune Health*
50X more concentration
50X more concentration
Citric Acid
Citric Acid

Health Benefits

  • With high citric acid content, Plum Ball EX helps strengthen the immune system.
  • As a good nourishment tonic, it may help increase your energy.
  • The mumefural extract from plums helps support good blood circulation.

Good source of antioxidants

Helps metabolism

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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 Su***** /

Bought on Umeken


I had three health problems. First, my cholesterol was so high that I had to take cholesterol pills. However, when I took the medicine, I had no energ... y, so I had a lot of trouble moving. Perhaps because of the influence of cholesterol, my face gradually darkened, and later I became ashamed to go out. And because of such a weak body, the mind also suffered, and the nerves were also weakened. In the meantime, my younger brother ate Umeken calcium and said it was effective and said it was good for blood circulation, and gave me plums. I believed my brother`s words and ate it steadily, but one day, when I did a test, the chronic bad cholesterol level went down. There was nothing else, but the only thing I ate was plum extract. Also, my face gradually became whiter and my complexion became brighter, so I received many greetings saying that it looked good.  Show more

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 Le***** /

Bought on Umeken


This is identical to the Ume balls I purchased in Japan some years ago, which made me very happy. As a long distance runner and triathlete with sens... itive digestive system, I can't stomach energy drinks, gels, bars, etc. during the race or post-race without feeling drained and lousy for the rest of the day, and sometimes even the next day. But if I take 10 of these Ume balls with plenty of water first thing in the morning on race days, or before I head out for long runs, then everything is great and I can go on with the rest of my day unimpaired once I'm done with my workout. Highly recommended, and the ingredients are all natural, which is a huge plus. Growing up in Japan, Ume (plum) product was a quick and all natural solution to many ailments. This product definitely lives up to this fruit's amazingly high standard.  Show more

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 JO***** /

Bought on Umeken


In modern society, due to the rapid development of science and technology, heavy mental pressure, pollution of living environment, improper eating hab... its, lack of sufficient exercise and other factors.
When I was in my 20s, I already suffered from high blood pressure. Just when I was in distress, I stumbled upon Umeken`s products. I bought a bottle of plum concentrated granules with the mentality of giving it a try. After I took 2 After more than a month, the indexes of hypertension and hyperlipidemia returned to normal.
Live easier, healthier and happier than before.
Because plum concentrated granules are strongly alkaline foods, they have a very good detoxification effect on people with an acidic constitution, so they have unexpected preventive and therapeutic effects on many chronic diseases, so it can prove a theory of why the Japanese live longer. It can be understood that Japanese people are short of plums from morning to night, and Umeken`s concentrated plums have a good taste and are easy to carry, achieving a healthy dream.
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Bought on Umeken


I was not interested in health food or vitamins because I didn`t have any particular pain, but a steady phone call from the person in charge at the he... ad office gave me an opportunity to try them one by one and come across organic plum extract. A few months ago, I went to Korea, and after seeing an advertisement saying “Stop numbness in my hands” and realizing that numbness in my hands is a symptom that occurs to many people as they get older, I thought that I did a good job choosing plum extract, and I felt so relieved. After taking organic plum, my numbness in my hands and feet improved, and my husband`s stomach was always uncomfortable, but the symptom has improved a lot. Adolescent children were suffering from acne, and the acne has improved a lot and has become clearer.  Show more

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