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Mineral L-Calcium / 6 mth supply (3,600 balls)

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High-Quality Calcium with Quick Absorption
Mineral L-Calcium
What makes Umeken Mineral L-Calcium unique?
The L-type calcium in this product is extracted from fermented beets and has an exceptionally high absorption rate. The absorption rate of L-type calcium is 3,800 times greater than that of calcium phosphate (bone powder) and 6,800 times greater than that of calcium carbonate (shell powder).
Vitamin D3 also added to supplement bone health.
Dissolves easily in water, resulting in faster ionization and absorption in the body.
Includes 84 different essential minerals extracted from the Great Salt Lake in Utah that have been concentrated 50 times stronger.
A Premium Calcium Product
Fermented L-type Calcium
L-type calcium is extracted from fermented beets and its absorption level is exceptionally higher than any other type of calcium supplement.
Eighty-four different essential mineral concentrates extracted from the Great Salt Lake in Utah are filtered, removed of 99% of its salinity, and added to Mineral L-Calcium.
Enriched Magnesium
Includes magnesium, which is water soluble and easily ionized for better absorption in the body.
Vitamin D3 for Stronger Bones
Includes Vitamin D3, which helps the body absorb calcium and aids in strengthening the bones.
Adding Mineral L-Calcium to rice, soup, or drinking water
makes it easy for the whole family to benefit from calcium. Highly soluble,
it does not affect the color or taste of food.
Know the Type of Calcium You are Supplying Your Body.
L-type calcium
Calcium lactate is the salt of natural L-lactic acid, produced by fermentation. It is highly soluble and bioavailable.
Calcium alginate
Calcium alginate is extracted from seaweed. It is water-insoluble as it has a strong bond between alginate and calcium.
Calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate is extracted from oysters and clams. It is not absorbed well into the stomach and may distress it by its strong alkaline nature.
Calcium phosphate
Calcium phosphate is extracted from animal bone, such as cow or fish. It is water-insoluble as it has a strong bond between phosphate and calcium.
Calcium caseinate
Calcium caseinate is extracted from milk or dairy products. It has rapid dispersion in water and also has a high absorption rate into the body.
Calcium Lactate
Source Substance Solubility(mg/100g water)
  L-type fermented calcium lactate   L(+)calcium lactate   9600.0
  Bonepowder   haidolokisi apatite   2.5
  Shellpowder   Calcium carbonate   1.4
  The second calcium phosphate   The second calcium phosphate   22.5
  The third calcium phosphate   The third calcium phosphate   2.5
  Calcium citrate   Calcium citrate   25.9


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I like this calcium pills they are small enough to absorb better.
I have been waiting for umeken app for a long time,it is really useful, now I could purchase at my nearest store by searching umeken store location.
I have been taking Umeken products for over ten years now. My personal favorite is Umeken’s L-Calcium. This product has helped me with the frequent leg pain I experienced going up and down the stairs. What impressed me was when my daughter’s doctor recommended her to take Umeken L-Calcium when she was pregnant.
I always add two spoonful of L-Calcium when I make my rice. It makes my rice delicious, and makes taking calcium supplements easy for the whole family. It’s a challenge to get my kids to take supplements, so including L-Calcium while cooking has been very convenient.
Testimonial from C. - Indiana

Dear Umeken,

I would like to thank you for creating a wonderful calcium supplement product that our whole family loves.

My mother first learned of Umeken's Mineral L-Calcium two years ago. She has shoulder pains that bothers her on a daily basis, yet is not a "disease" that doctors can help. She tried the L-Calcium, and the pain literally abated after three days of taking the supplement. No other calcium supplements from American stores have done anything similar before. Our whole family has been taking the Mineral L-Calcium ever since and really love this product.


Thank you very much for your help! In any case, I would always use this product for my and my family's calcium supplement.

My nails would easily break and my nail beds was very thin. But that ended when I started taking Umeken L-Calcium ten years ago. Taking Umeken L-Calcium has been great, especially with my sensitive stomach, and my nails feel much stronger.
An update: l suffered from finger nails splitting 6 months ago. I trim my nails but they still break and split. I finally gave up and figured this must be the price l had to pay for not using any base coat before nail polish. I stopped all nail polish. The problem did not improve when suddenly l got smart and decided to increase my intake of this calcium balls. I am now taking 10 tiny balls each morning and evening. In less than 2 weeks, my nails are back to its toughness. I will polish my nails again next month

I bought 2 jars of calcium balls from Japan. They did wonders to me. Being a woman of 46 and not in the habit of taking dairy products, l sometimes felt pain on my knees while going up and down the stair case. But after taking those Japanese calcium balls, l did not feel anymore pain though l did not consume any glucosamine. I never had such relieve from any other calcium l took in the past. After l finished the 2 bottles, l searched Amazon website and to my joy, l found Japanese calcium balls. Though the brand is different but the packaging, the little 10-balls-scoop provided is exactly like those l bought from Japan. The product description and ingredient is exactly the same too! And l must not forget to mention Amazon's price! It is a lot cheaper than what l paid for! The result? Cheaper price but with the same relieve of knee pain! I am free from knee pain experienced by women my age while saving quite a few bucks! Thanks, Amazon! Do not discontinue this precious Japanese calcium balls!

(Also Amazon Verified buyer)
To take care of my family’s health, I add a spoonful of Umeken L-Calcium every time I cook rice. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t change the color of the food. Taking calcium has never been this easy.
I run a tailor shop, and working in my shop all day made my hands and knees ache; and my skin would look dry and puffy. Carol Joo from the Umeken office contacted me on the phone, and she explained in detail how fermented L-calcium could help me. I took her advice and started taking Mineral L-Calcium, and to my surprise, the pain and numbness in my knees and wrists are practically gone. With the pain gone, I enjoy working in my shop much more now.
I first heard about this product when a co-worker of mine started taking this with 6 other co-workers. Her sister developed cancer cells a few years back and her doctor prescribed Mineral L-Calcium balls when she could no longer swallow whole pills. She recovered miraculously and I became intrigued. As a child, I grew up drinking milk and loved having it daily. When I reached adulthood, milk consumption became a problem and I slowly stopped drinking altogether. As years passed, I began to notice the frailness of my nails, chipping, breaking, curling, rough ridges; opening the desk drawer, closing the car door, picking up books, rounding a corner, not a day goes by that I don't have a band-aid ready for my chipped nails. I decided to give this supplement a try for 3 months. They work great!! I experience no side effects and the health of my nails improved! They're less brittle and growing healthy. This product is a must-have!!
As I entered my 40’s I was experiencing frequent arthritic pain in my fingers and wrist due to my occupation as an artist. My friends advised me that taking calcium supplements helped them with their pain, so I decided to give them a try. However, the large capsules made it so difficult swallow, and I didn’t really feel any different. Sometimes the large capsules would get stuck in my throat and then very slowly make its way down, so I would have to suffer through the discomfort and smell of the supplement. One day, I noticed my coworker taking Umeken’s L-Calcium product, and the small size of the supplements intrigued me. I immediately invested in a bottle and was impressed at how easy it was to swallow and take these calcium supplements. I have been regularly taking Umeken L-Calcium morning and night, and the arthritic pain and numbness I used to feel disappeared.
I’ve suffered from lower back pain for a long time. I would struggle to lift myself out of bed and get up from the sofa. After I would barely get myself up, I would be hunched over for at least 3-5 minutes before I could slowly straighten my back. But after taking Umeken L-Calcium, I can get up and walk a lot easier, and my mobility has improved tremendously.
Taking Mineral L-Calcium is so easy since I can put it in rice, soup, and ramen. I’ve had kidney stones three times in the past so I cannot drink milk, and I was concerned because I felt that my body needs calcium. Umeken’s Mineral L-Calcium is fast absorbing, and I’ve had no side effects, not even to my kidneys. It has also helped me with pains in my legs and back. I highly recommend this product!
My daughter has suffered with eczema and sensitive skin from a young age, and we tried all kinds of skin care solutions from natural herbal doctors to dermatologists. Nothing really worked, until we decided to give Mineral L-Calcium a try. Our whole family started taking Mineral L-Calcium, and I first noticed a difference in my son within the first 10 days. My son goes to school during the day and works part-time in the evening, and he would easily feel tired, especially going up and down the stairs. He himself was impressed at how much energy he had after taking Umeken L-Calcium. For me, my neck always ached and felt tight. After two weeks of taking L-Calcium, however, my neck stopped bothering me. And to my surprise, my daughter who had skin troubles all her life started to break out less after two months of taking L-Calcium. The rashes that she would get every day started to go away slowly and although it hasn’t completely cleared up, she now only deals with the rashes every 5-6 days. Also, my mother who lives in Korea was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was sad I couldn’t be there for her but was happy to find out I could easily send her Umeken L-Calcium. She received it within three days of placing the order over the phone with an Umeken sales representative.
I have been working for the postal service for almost 20 years, and the long ten-hour work day at the post office caused my back and knees to ache. Because of this constant pain, I was only able to sleep for four hours each night. A good friend recommended Umeken L-Calcium and they’ve helped me so much that I’ve been taking Umeken L-Calcium for six years now. Umeken L-Calcium has become a necessity in my life.
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360g (3,600 balls) / Take 20 tablets daily
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Mineral L-Calcium / 6 mth supply (3,600 balls)

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