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Hansai Filter Mine Q Cartridge

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Wave Q's Natural Mineral Cartridge

Invented by Dr. Hyun Won Kim, mineQ creates living, alkaline reduced water abundant in minerals and antioxidants through its circular cartridge that contains natural mineral compounds.


mineQ cartridge does not use electrolysis but instead uses a natural method that dissolves essential minerals into the water to produce alkaline water that is rich in mineral sand active hydrogen. mineQ also reduces the water ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), eliminating free radicals from the water.

mineQ cartridge consists of a specially formed silver ceramic, which has a powerful antibiotic property. Also through Ocher, the water structure becomes dense and the water’s hexagonal molecular structure becomes abundant. It also emits far-infrared rays and maximizes the mineral’s function by means of catalysis

mineQ cartridge replacement:

About 6 months (for 2 person household drinking average of 5 liters a day, total of 2000 liters). If you drink more, the level of natural minerals released can decrease within 6 months.


Wave Q's Natural Mineral Cartridge


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